Where do ideas come from?

What’s your next idea?

Will it work in Japan?

TOKYO IDEA FEST: Discover your next big idea in Japan!

You’ve got to be starting something!


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Kazuki Sato

The Business Inspirator

Following a career in advertising, Kazuki set up shop as an independent corporate branding and business consultant. He is a METI-certified consultant for small and medium enterprises and loves helping clients discover their true purpose.

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Sylvain Pierre

Co-founder at Le Wagon Tokyo

Sylvain co-founded Le Wagon Tokyo, Japan’s only coding bootcamp in English. He’ll present his thoughts on the business ideation process and show how routine observations can often be the greatest source of inspiration.

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Mohsen Songhori

Tokyo Institute of Technology

How can organisations also get innovative? Mohsen Songhori, a post-doctoral researcher at Tokyo Tech, will discuss how companies large and small can effectively crowdsource ideas from their employees and customers.

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Samantha Lassaux

Meiji Jingu & Kinenkan

How can you get new ideas approved by a traditional Japanese company? Samantha Lassaux will share her experiences working behind the scenes to make Meiji Shrine in Tokyo more welcoming for foreign guests.

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Bela Schweiger

President at Enter Japan

As Director and VP for Haagen-Dazs, Bela helped transform the brand’s fortunes in Japan. He will explain how to access a wealth of Japanese consumer data and devise products that are perfectly adapted to the local market.

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Bert Brautigam

Design Strategist at Ziba Tokyo

Bert has worked inside global organizations and for global design consultancies. He evangelizes Design Thinking and design as a strategic discipline to thrive organizational change and to ultimately result in desirable products.

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Kazuya Nakamura


Experienced entrepreneur Kazuya is the editor in chief of “Catapult Suplex” promoting design, growth hacking and lean startup. He will explain how lean startup theory works in practice, and how to get product-market fit fast and cheap.

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David Willoughby

Founder at Workers University Tokyo

David founded Workers University after noticing a entrepreneurial shift among Japan’s foreign community. He’ll explain why the rules for success in Japan have changed and how foreign entrepreneurs can leverage their outsider status.



Date: Monday July 17, 2017

Marine Day public holiday

Time: 13:00-20:00

Speaker schedule will be announced soon.

Place: Slogan Tokyo

Daiichi-Hoki Honsha Bldg 3F, Minami-Aoyama 2-11-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tickets: ¥3000

Includes all presentations and drink bar after 18:00 (craft beer, cocktails, soft drinks).



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Organiser: Workers University
Supporter: Slogan, Inc.
Sponsor: Zendesk
Beer supplier: Far Yeast Brewing