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Is Tokyo a truly amazing city?


This picture says it is.

Autumn in Tokyo

Autumn leaves on the campus of the University of Tokyo



Is Tokyo a truly liveable city?


Monocle seems to think so.

Tokyo Guide

Monocle Magazine declared Tokyo the world’s most liveable city in 2015 and 2016. 



Is Tokyo a truly global city?




Not yet.


One thing it lacks is a global heartbeat. The energy and influence of an organised foreign community.

We’re all just too busy doing our own thing. Let’s change that. Let’s help each other out.


Workers University

At Workers University, we dream big.

We’re a classroom, a voice, a movement. And in the future who knows what else.

We want to make Tokyo a truly global city.

We want to smash a few walls. Walls of language, culture, and technology that keep people apart in the world’s most crowded city.

We want to support foreign entrepreneurs with world-class ideas and education.

We want to see everyone succeed. You, your network, and Japan.


Tokyo Tower

But first, we need 1000 unique talents.

We need artists, writers, dreamers, teachers, translators, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, life coaches, personal trainers, graphic designers, amateur coders, and master chefs. All living in Tokyo.

We need people like you.


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